Claims Acceleration

Making A Claim That Will Be Settled Quickly


  1. Your first official step is to fully complete a claim form and return same to your broker representative or us, ASAP (within 30 days) The forms are available from your broker, our office or web site.
  2. For contents, prepare an inventory of damaged / lost items available with date of purchase, purchase price, replacement cost or repair estimate.
  3. For building, have a detailed estimate from the person(s) you intend to have repair it.
  4. Make yourself available to the claims adjuster.
  5. Allow at least one hour for adjuster to survey premises and take photos etc. (Have documents ready, e.g. site plan, claim documents)
  6. Make sure to point out all known damage.
  7. The adjuster will have local rate sheets for similar types of building repairs and will prepare his costing based on measurements taken by him.
  8. The adjuster will then send their report to us and we will compare your loss with the policy coverage in place.
  9. Should your loss be covered under the policy we will issue a settlement cheque and final policy discharge form to you.


Information required about damaged items:


  1. Description
  2. Year Purchased
  3. Original Cost
  4. Replacement Cost or Repair Cost

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