Report a claim

Motor Claims Standard Procedure


  • Report the accident or theft to the police
  • Take a note of the names and addresses of witnesses
  • Record the name, badge number, contact numbers and police station of investigating officer
  • Record the measurements taken by the police
  • Record the names and contact details of all parties involved in the accident
  • If another vehicle is involved in the accident, record the vehicle registration number, the name and number of the driver and owner of the vehicle
  • Take photographs of the scene of the accident if possible
  • Report the accident to at any of our two locations
  • Complete the claim form
  • Obtain an estimate of repairs from a garage of your choice
  • EC Global Insurance Agency will review the circumstances of loss (e.g. visit place of accident, interview witnesses, photograph vehicle(s) etc.)
  • Upon receipt of estimate from you we shall obtain a second opinion.
  • Upon receipt of 2nd opinion, EC Global Insurance Agency will advise on appropriateness of your estimate.
  • You pay any outstanding premium and the applicable excess (providing the repairs are above the excess)
  • The repairer will be authorized to commence repairs.
  • A cheque for parts shall be drawn up for the parts dealer.
  • Upon completion of repairs you sign motor satisfaction note from repairer
  • Upon receipt of satisfaction note we shall issue cheque to your repairer.

N.B. in some instances before a claim can be settled it may be necessary to

  • Obtain police report
  • Appoint loss adjuster and/or investigator

In some instances there may be deviations from the above; which is dependent on the circumstances surrounding the loss.


Fire & Property Insurance Claims


In the event of a loss to fire or other peril, you should do the following:


  • Report the loss to the relevant authority and record names of individuals to whom report  was made
  • Take reasonable steps to secure and protect the property
  • If you have a camera at your disposal take photographs of the damage
  • Prepare an itemized list of all property damaged as a result of the loss. 
  • Report the loss and or damage to us by completing the relevant forms as soon as  possible
  • Obtain an estimate from a building contractor of your choice for the repairs to your property
  • If the loss is for damage to contents obtain reports from the relevant expert repairer. 
  • Present police and/or fire report to us where applicable
  • Preesent a detailed Statement of Claim to us with supporting documentation
  • Keep us informed of any developments


Important Notes


  • Take all steps necessary steps to protect and secure your property.
  • If you have a camera at your disposal take photographs of the damage
  • Since you may need to commence some form of repairs to protect your property before the adjuster visits you, the photographs taken will help considerably
  • If you have purchased materials to repair your property before the claim is submitted or before the adjuster visits you, kindly keep all receipts etc. We would need these when your claim is being processed.
  • You should attempt to clear your property of any debris safely as leaving these on your property may cause injury to members of your family or others.

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