Home Owners Insurance FAQs

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1.  Will my homeowners insurance policy pay for temporary housing or other out-of-pocket expenses such as cleanup costs?

2.  Will my homeowners insurance policy cover destruction to furniture, clothes and other contents of a dwelling from a hurricane?

3.  Are my vehicles covered by homeowners policy?

4.  Will my homeowners insurance rates go up following a hurricane? Or is there a possibility of cancellation?

5.  What should I do in the event of a Burglary, Housebreaking or Fire?

6.  What should I do in the event of a Flood, Hurricane or major natural disaster?

7.  How much time do I have to buy additional insurance protection before an approaching hurricane?

8.  What steps should I take before a hurricane hits and immediately afterwards to make the claims settlement process earlier?

9.  What can I do to ensure that my claim will be settled quickly?

10.  How are household claims settled where the item concerned is irreparable?

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