Homeowners Claims

Most homeowner’s claims are as a result of burglary, natural disaster or fire. Should you unfortunately have a burglary, housebreaking or fire incident, you should:

  • Immediately report all these incidents to the police and the fire service, in case of fire.
  • Where a crime has been committed do not tamper with any potential evidence before the arrival of the police.
  • Take photos where possible to show entry, exit and damage.
  • Contact the EC Global Insurance Agency Claims Department or your broker representative as soon as possible.
  • List all damage / loss to building and contents.
  • Locate and secure you insurance policy and any other personal contractual document.


Losses from Major Perils – Flood, Hurricane etc.

  • Take photos of damage.
  • Secure premises with board, tarpaulins etc. to prevent further loss or damage to building and contents.
  • Keep all invoices and receipts for sums spent in securing the premises.
  • Contact our Claims Department or your broker representative as soon as possible for guidance.
  • Clean up debris.
  • Salvage as much as possible. Dry out electrical items, clothing etc.
  • If necessary, use a generator to run essential electrical appliances e.g. freezers.


If the premises are rendered uninhabitable, seek reasonably priced temporary alternative accommodation. Temporary accommodation is covered under your Comfort Zone policy.


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