Commercial Insurance

The information given below is intended to provide a summary of the coverage offered for each class of Commercial Insurance. Please note that the scope of cover offered by each policy is not exhaustive of the terms, conditions and exceptions which would form the policy document.


For all classes, we are interested in your claims experience, previous insurance(s), the physical hazard of the site or location and the owner(s). Please note that every policy has standard exclusions.



Fire & Perils Policy

For Commercial Or Personal Buildings And Contents
The major perils covered are fire, lightning, explosion, storm, windstorm, earthquake, hurricane, flood, malicious damage, impact and overflowing or burst water pipes. For this cover insurers are interested in the use of property, the fire protection in place, the construction of the buildings and the flood risk.




For Office & Commercial Premises
Covers loss or damage to the Insured’s property as a result of theft or attempted theft (following forcible or violent entry to or exit from the premises) including hold-up.



Business Interruption

For Commercial Premises
Covers loss of profit due to a reduction in turnover, consequent upon damage at the insured premises by fire and allied perils as per the fire policy.



Money Insurance

For Money (Cash, Cheques and the like) In Transit
Provides cover for the loss of money generated in the business whilst on the premises or in transit to or from the bank. Cover includes hold-up and damage to your safe. Insurers are interested in the size of lodgments, who takes the money to the bank, the precautions taken, the method of transportation and the security of the premises.



Plate Glass

For Glass In Buildings
Covers accidental breakage of fixed glass.



Public Liability

For anyone who interacts with or provides services to the public
Covers the Insured’s legal liability for death or bodily injury sustained by other persons caused by the negligent acts arising from the operation of the insured business.



Commercial All Risks

For Office & Commercial Premises
Covers accidental loss or damage, including Fire and the Allied perils and Burglary. Insurers are especially interested in the security arrangements in place.



Computer All Risks

For Computer & Other Electronic Equipment in Commercial Premises
Covers All Risks of loss or damage to the equipment listed (includes additional covers for Data media and Increased Cost of processing after an insured event).



Contractors All Risk

For Construction Projects
All risks of physical loss or damage to the property that is under construction. Insurers are particularly interested in previous jobs completed satisfactorily, physical hazards of the construction, the duration of contract, security of the contract site and the type of contract work.



Employers Liability 

For Anyone with Employees
Covers the Insured’s legal liability to their employees in respect of accidental death, bodily injury or disease arising out of and during the course of their employment.



Fidelity Guarantee

For Anyone with Employees
Covers the direct pecuniary losses which results from acts of fraud and dishonesty committed by employees. Insurers are especially interested in the persons handling the cash and the system of supervision and check.



Goods in Transit

For Goods In The Course Of Delivery
Covers all risk of physical damage to goods or property belonging to the Insured or for which they are responsible whilst the items are in transit. It also covers the items whilst they are temporarily housed in the course of transit.

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